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SARAS -- Society for the Alignment of Religion and Science -- Scientifically aligned religious philosophy for modernity. Science understands that symmetry is the underlying theme that pervades the structure and behavior of physical reality. Religious philosophy for modern times must fundamentally account for this observed reality.

The Ascent of Symmetry

Symmetry ascends from the elemental building blocks of physical reality into its myriad complex phenomena

Symmetry ascends from the elemental building blocks of physical reality into its myriad complex phenomena

Nature is built around mathematical symmetry. The elementary particles are effectively specializations of wave-packets, which are localized waves. Waves are the most fundamental structure and possess the symmetry of reciprocal bipolarity. All physical structures arise from compositions of the elementary particles and one would expect that architectural principles that govern the structure and interactivity of the elementary particles to emerge in the higher order structures. And indeed they do: as manifestations of symmetry.

Nature’s aim requires the formation of complex structures that are fashioned from hierarchies of more primitive structures that ultimately originate from indivisible building blocks (e.g., elementary particles). In a sufficiently cool environment, the products of nature’s activities include the formation of nucleons, nuclei, atoms, and molecules. On a planet hosting liquid water and an abundance of carbon and nitrogen, molecules arise in a huge variety of forms. If the environment of such a planet stays capable of sustaining liquid water for hundreds of millions of years, the molecular forms become sufficiently rich to allow for the ignition of life. At each level in an increasingly complex hierarchy of structure, symmetry is retained as a principle determinant of the structure and behavior of the composite entity. Symmetry percolates up from the primordial symmetry that underpins physical reality and manifests itself in the structure and behavior of all higher order compositions.