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Atlanta, Georgia


SARAS -- Society for the Alignment of Religion and Science -- Scientifically aligned religious philosophy for modernity. Science understands that symmetry is the underlying theme that pervades the structure and behavior of physical reality. Religious philosophy for modern times must fundamentally account for this observed reality.



Meta-Religion that is founded on Reflexive Emanation Panendeism is not atheism, agnosticism, or nihilism. It is natural religion, very much the opposite of the aforementioned philosophical positions. Natural religion means that a religion's foundations do not require a thinking God, representatives of a thinking God, constructs such as souls or subtle-bodies, reincarnation, or Heaven and Hell.  

Natural religion as meta-religion aligns with observable phenomena and therefore science in virtually every way. The natural religion of REP based meta-religion is not a vague belief in something other than an order and beauty built into the laws of physics that is difficult to articulate. It is not an allusion to something integrated with physical reality but inseparable from it as in pantheism. It is an explicit model that explains in detail what the aim of nature is and what role consciousness plays in the furtherance of that aim.

Meta-religion founded on top of Reflexive Emanation Panendeism has the following characteristics:

  • Aligns with science and observation.

  • Asserts a non-thinking (an explicitly insentient) God that is intrinsically purposed by way of a Supra-Intelligent design instantiated into natural reality.

  • Disavows the reality or necessity of the soul or subtle-body.

  • Disavows the reality or necessity of Heaven or Hell.

  • Disavows the reality or necessity of reincarnation.

  • Explains the fundamental reason that symmetry constraints are central to the architecture of natural reality, which includes metaphysical reality.

  • Explains the fundamental reason that physical primitives are quantized in terms of a requirement on the architecture of metaphysical reality, which is the quantization of consciousness (i.e., the need for individual instances of consciousness).

  • Explains why reality is polarized with respect to time (i.e., possesses a direction to its evolution) and why that causes the phenomenon of "Good and Evil".

  • Explains why the sexual allure is the luminescence of the Godhead State of evolutionary finalized consciousness.

A creation story from the interior of meta-religion:

1)      In the ‘beginning’ there was the monad God – all there ‘was’, is, or ever will be.

2)      At time negative infinity, the formless featureless monad God polarized itself for an existential reason. To be different from nothingness it had to enter the realm of form (in order to become reflexively self-aware).

3)      The God could not and cannot create anything, because it is the only thing that exists or can exist. It can only polarize because otherwise it is creating itself. When it polarizes it deforms its ‘interior’ in such a way as to preserve itself. Equivalently, If deforms its context, which is nothingness, in such a way so as to ensure that nothingness is preserved.

4)      The God entered into the realm of form as a primeval-wave. The crests of the wave and the troughs of the wave were ripples in the nothingness – which preserves the nothingness in the way a wave on the surface of a body of water preserves the water.

5)      The primeval-wave changed under the pressure of the reason for its existence. The primeval-wave evolved into the multiverse, universes and ultimately life and consciousness. The living beings hosting consciousness were (and are) evolved images of the God emanating into the realm of form—they retained the architectural polarization of the primeval-wave, the inviolable constraint on the primeval-wave that it must possess balanced displacements on either side of existential neutrality. The evolved images of the primeval wave’s polarizations—evolved into the realm of life and consciousness--came to be called male and female.

6)      Theism almost captured this truth. In its primary creation myth it is said:  “God created mankind in His (its) image. Male and female He (it) created them” 

Meta-Religion in one form or another is inevitable and all meta-religion will be aligned with science. REP is probably as simple as any religious philosophy underpinning meta-religion can be and because nature prefers simplicity it is likely to be close to the truth. The 21st century is fully immersed within the age of information. As modern knowledge becomes available to the majority of humankind the starting religions will fade in believability and therefore popularity. REP is on the cusp of this transition. REP is not a fad or a transitory belief system; it is a reflection of the way things actually are, which is known as the truth.

Reading the book is highly recommended.