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SARAS -- Society for the Alignment of Religion and Science -- Scientifically aligned religious philosophy for modernity. Science understands that symmetry is the underlying theme that pervades the structure and behavior of physical reality. Religious philosophy for modern times must fundamentally account for this observed reality.


Science aligned religious philosophy 

Reflexive Emanation Panendeism (REP) is a modern belief system, a religious philosophy that explains why physical reality must exist and why life and consciousness must arise. REP requires the use of a model, which all systems of coherent thought implicitly or explicitly use. REP’s model is a variety of panendeism, which is a philosophical template that views reality as consisting of the physical realm and something else—a non-thinking trans-physical supra-intelligent kernel. Supra-intelligence is the kind of intelligence nature possesses, which is similar to an extreme mathematical cognizance, but not the thinking intelligence that sentient beings possess.

REP’s architectural model describes metaphysical layers that compose the boundary between the physical realm and the supra-intelligent kernel. REP’s metaphysical layers consist of life-hosted consciousness (i.e., localized consciousness in the realm of form) in various magnitude states arrayed about a highest (i.e., evolutionary finalized) formless delocalized consciousness state—the Godhead state. The form-wise (i.e., form possessing) metaphysical realm hosts the explicitly thinking consciousness that living systems raise, while the formless metaphysical realm hosts the supra-consciousness state that is the God’s instantaneous reflexive self-awareness (i.e., self-knowledge attained by self-interaction via life-hosted consciousness).

REP’s model requires the use of conceptual bootstrapping to fully comprehend. The model begins with a circumstance that has never been: the pre-physical ‘time’ before anything of form (e.g., the multiverse) had ever existed. This circumstance featured two elements: the God and the existential-substratum. The existential-substratum was the foundation of the realm of form in the hypothetical (i.e., thought-experiment) state of formless pre-physical neutrality. It was the vacuum of the realm of form. The existential-substratum was the substrate that had the potential to acquire form, but was without form before the God excited it into form-wise reality.

From a higher vantage point—where reality is considered to be a single whole, a monad God with the internal-structure and internal-activity necessary to effectuate an existential aim—the existential-substratum is the unexcited equilibrium state of the ‘body’ of the monad God, a single ‘grey’ undifferentiated featureless formlessness with the potential to acquire self-conserving form. The God, for an existential purpose, excited into the realm of form by symmetrically deforming about its own unformed (i.e., non-excited) state (i.e., the existential-substratum that is the foundation of the God’s ‘body’). Anything that has structure, as does matter, radiation, the contortions of spacetime and brainwaves are within the realm of form.

The God’s existential purpose is to be self-aware—aware of its own actuality. However, in a context of formless featureless changelessness it has no mechanism to be self-aware. The God must emanate (i.e., excite) into the realm of form to achieve this existential aim. The God’s ‘body’ symmetrically deforms (symmetrically—to conserve its initial formlessness) and evolves under the pressure of the God’s existential-force, which is the power necessary to push against a necessary resistance (i.e., the inertia-of-nothingness) opposing the existential-force. The God’s supra-intelligence, manifesting as the unchanging mathematical fabric underpinning form-wise reality, steers the evolution of the ‘body’ to produce advanced life and consciousness.

The existential aim is satisfied when evolutionary final state consciousness, which resolves as a transmogrified image of the wave that ‘was’ the God’s ‘first’ emergence into the realm of form, (re)enters the formless kernel of the absolute-cognizance of the monad God. Just outside of the realm of form where the polarizations of end-state consciousness conflate into formlessness, the God attains reflexive (i.e., indirect via the realm of form) self-awareness.

REP rests upon the widest understanding of the word ‘existence’, which describes a reality whose activity continuously and forever raises a formless, thoughtless will-to-exist into reflexive self-awareness. The will-to-exist manifesting as a pure potential—as an unchanging un-rippled nothingness—has never been actuality. The will-to-exist’s quiescence is not and has never been possible because there has never been a ‘time’ where the monad God was not reflexively self-aware. The will-to-exist has always possessed a kinetic aspect and therefore the idea of a ‘beginning’ is only a thought-experiment circumstance. Thus, the multiverse, which is the form-realm ‘body’ of the God that sustains its self-completing self-cognition, has always existed. The supposition that a stable, transcendent, sentient deity could have existed before ‘the creation’ and for a thinking reason decided to create the world (as envisioned by classical religion) is not a facet of REP’s model.

Full development of this model is worldview altering (for the better). REP is very deep.        Read the book.

REP is founded on science-guided interpolation of direct experience. Its skeleton rests on near-conflation with the supra-conscious absolute by way of entheogen catalyzed consciousness expansion.  Therefore, one can regard it as 21st century atypical-serotonin-agonist 'revelation'.