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Atlanta, Georgia


SARAS -- Society for the Alignment of Religion and Science -- Scientifically aligned religious philosophy for modernity. Science understands that symmetry is the underlying theme that pervades the structure and behavior of physical reality. Religious philosophy for modern times must fundamentally account for this observed reality.



What is nature's purpose?

Nature has a purpose, which is indicated by the directionality of its evolution and the ubiquity of symmetry perfusing its architecture. The metaphysical realm is best described as an extension of physical nature across a boundary that consciousness demarcates. The fundamental themes of the physical realm's architecture are symmetry and quantization. These two themes pass across the physical/metaphysical boundary and fundamentally determine the properties of the structure and behavior of advanced evolutionary end-stage consciousness.  

The metaphysical realm exists partly within the domain of form because consciousness possesses the form of thought within a context of quantized sexual polarization. The metaphysical form-wise layer wraps a purposed formless (e.g., thoughtless and unpolarized) source realty. The source reality is the absolute reality whose purpose illumes and summons advanced consciousness  with physically transcendent sexual allure.  This purpose distinguishes the absolute reality from the grey of nothingness.

At the outer edges of evolution  a state of nature resolves that is characterized by the melding union of fully evolved polarizations of consciousness. Each annihilating union represents a transition from the realm of localized form-wise thought hosting consciousness into a delocalized unpolarized supreme awe. This is the absolute state of consciousness. It is both a state of nature and the source of nature; it is called the Godhead.

The only thought hosting entities are living beings. The source reality does NOT host thoughts that resemble the thoughts of intelligent beings. The source realty's "thoughts" are the mathematical fabric of physical reality. Deep within this fabric is an embedded aim -- this is the meaning of the SupraIntelligent Design

What aim?

The aim of physical reality, life, and consciousness is to enable the God's quasi-continuous self-awareness, which amounts to the sustainment of existence. Consciousness must conflate into the Godhead state to sustain the God's self-awareness, which is the fundamental requirement for the actuality of existence. What architectural features of consciousness are related to the conflation of consciousness into the Godhead state? The primary structural feature of the metaphysical realm is the symmetric bifurcation of consciousness into male and female polarizations. The attractive interaction between the two poles of advanced consciousness is nature's mechanism to pull consciousness towards effectuating the purpose embedded into the SupraIntelligent Design.

The preceding is more than interesting speculation. It derives from observation. Direct cognition of near conflation of final state consciousness has been observed by way of entheogenic-phytochemical consciousness-magnitude expansion

The (available now as a .pdf file)  book:  The SupraIntelligent Design  /  The Union of Science and Religion  fills in the considerable details. Therein resides an introduction to Reflexive Emanation Panendeism (REP),  which is probably the simplest religious philosophy that can align with scientific abstraction, the nature of life and consciousness, and modernity in general. REP is science-aligned 21st century meta-religion.