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Atlanta, Georgia


SARAS -- Society for the Alignment of Religion and Science -- Scientifically aligned religious philosophy for modernity. Science understands that symmetry is the underlying theme that pervades the structure and behavior of physical reality. Religious philosophy for modern times must fundamentally account for this observed reality.



A fundamental phenomenon must exist in order for existential stability to reign. The rate by which anything can change has to be limited. The speed of light, which is the maximum rate information can travel, is quite slow. Light from the sun takes over four hours to reach the outer planets of the solar system. Generalizing, nature's rate of evolution limited. If it were not, all change would occur infinitely fast and an existential singularity would result.  Energy has the intrinsic property of inertia and can only travel at a finite speed. These impediments to change combined with randomicity to oppose nature's evolutionary advance.

The God’s existential purpose is to be self-aware—aware of its own actuality. However, in a context of formless featureless changelessness it has no mechanism to be self-aware. The God must emanate (i.e., excite) into the realm of form to achieve this existential aim. The God’s ‘body’ symmetrically deforms (symmetrically—to conserve its initial formlessness) and evolves under the pressure of the God’s existential-force, which is the power necessary to push against a necessary resistance--the inertia-of-nothingness--opposing the existential-force.  

The existential-force is the ‘wind’ of the will-to-exist that fills the sail of the supra-intelligence that has excited into the form-wise realm. The form-wise reality is the supra-intelligent design instantiated under the constraint of the preservation of existential neutrality (i.e., the preservation of the underlying nothingness of the ‘body’ of the God). The mathematical fabric underpinning the form-wise reality is the incarnation of the preordination of the reflexive self-awareness of the God. The existential-force (e.g., concentrated directionally flowing energy) propels the evolution of form-wise reality against a resistance to change. This resistance—the inertia-of-nothingness—must exist for physical reality’s mathematical stability. Chaos is a manifestation the resistance, yet, the evolution of life leverages randomicity to unlock the information keys that allow life and consciousness to arise and change. In totality, the eternally evolving form-wise reality is the always resisted existence-machine that is the biological multiverse.