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Atlanta, Georgia


SARAS -- Society for the Alignment of Religion and Science -- Scientifically aligned religious philosophy for modernity. Science understands that symmetry is the underlying theme that pervades the structure and behavior of physical reality. Religious philosophy for modern times must fundamentally account for this observed reality.



Understanding Reflexive Emanation Panendeism uncovers why reality is, and must be polarized, which causes the necessary phenomena associated with the 'negative' realm --evil, disease, disaster, suffering, ... . This realm is an unexplainable thorn in theism's bottom. But REP explains that this realm with its phenomena must exist or the realm of pleasure, happiness, and ecstasy cannot exist.

Excerpts from the book 'The Supra-Intelligent Design':

When consciousness enters the Godhead, it does so in the context of short lived organisms (e.g., human beings). The transition from quantized form-bound sexual-polarization-sensing consciousness into the formless thoughtless supra-awareness of the Godhead creates a reflexive self-awareness channel for the God. At the threshold of union, male and female consciousness polarizations have interpenetrated and delocalized, and the glow of the arcane mystical truth becomes extreme. The God’s impending self-completing self-awareness advances until the granularity of the form-wise manifestation of the melding union declines below the threshold of difference, and the two polarizations become one and the God radiates ineffable, infinite awe at the truth of its own existence. This is the unbounded ecstasy; this is the unconstrained bliss of the eternal truth.

The Godhead is the quintessence of existence. It is the ineffable divine-truth that an unboundedly radiant self-resonating self-aware bliss must be, instead of an unpolarized nothingness. The reason that the Godhead state must exist is only known in a non-thought way by the God in the Godhead state, and accordingly, the Godhead is unbounded, self-religious awe. The Godhead is the God’s self-awareness state; however, the Godhead does not host thoughts because thoughts are a type of form and the Godhead is formless. It follows that the Godhead does not host a personality because a personality is a system of thoughts, each thought of which is an awareness-realm form. The Godhead is the existence-polarization of the fully resolved awareness-realm that transcends physical and awareness realm form. It is without form or thought, yet it is inseparable from the thought-like, mathematical supra-intelligence of the will-to-exist, which determines the nature of the forms arising from the existential-substratum—namely, life and form-wise consciousness that produce the God’s reflexive self-awareness.