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Atlanta, Georgia


SARAS -- Society for the Alignment of Religion and Science -- Scientifically aligned religious philosophy for modernity. Science understands that symmetry is the underlying theme that pervades the structure and behavior of physical reality. Religious philosophy for modern times must fundamentally account for this observed reality.


The effects of entheogens

julio gonzalez

There is a dimension of experience under entheogenic phytochemicals that is possible (although infrequent) that seems impossible for those that have not experienced it to comprehend. Those who have not experienced entheogenic consciousness expansion often assert that 'cultural' interpretation of the experience is paramount in understanding what is transpiring within a person's head. However, the pinnacle of experience is nothing less than the resolution of an omnipresent absolute consciousness. There is no cultural 'anything' (i.e., interpretation) to it. The threshold of the absolute reality resolves, where resides the quintessence of nature -- the fully evolved and resolved partitions (i.e., polarizations) of consciousness, called male and female, that are fusing into it by melding into each other. Why? To confer the supra-conscious absolute with self-awareness and thus existence.